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Journal entry 14

We are going to present our capstone power point tomorrow. We are basically done with the power point we just need to insert the link to the you tube video. Our presentation has a lot of information about the curse of the band and even has a video of stairway to heaven backwards to show that it clearly says “666” and “my sweet Satan.”

Journal entry 11

We passed our final paper in a week ago today. Although we have not gotten them back, Mr. Gorman has been saying that there are many more not yets then we were expecting. I feel that the deadline for us to hand the paper in should have been earlier so that when we actually get the paper back, we will have time to work on it. We only have two weeks of classes left (not including finals) and all of us seniors have more things to worry about than just capstone.

Journal entry 9

Last night I finished the final paper. It was just over 5 pages long. The only thing left to do is the bibliography. The first few pages of our paper were mostly anout aleister crowley and how he influenced the band. The last few pages were about the band and how they fels about the idea of a curse.

journal entry 8

Almost done with my final paper. It is due in two days and i have just finished the fourth page. There were many helpful sources on the internet but the most helpful was the book “stairway to Heaven; Led Zeppelin Uncensored” written by the band manager, Richard Cole. This gave us the most information on how the band felt about the idea of a curse and we feel that it is more reliable because the person who wrote it witnessed it first hand.

Journal entry 6

Over the vacation this past week, Raquel and I got together to work on the final paper. We did not get too far but we wrote the introduction and the first two paragraphs. Right now, I am reading over our work and making adjustments. We have decided not to work on the paper together because we both feel that we will be able to work more efficiently by ourselves.

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